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Karpathos, the second largest island in the Dodekanese. It is situated between Crete and Rhodes, in the “Karpathian Sea”. The location of the island is strategic since it is the natural bridge which unites Crete with Asia Minor.

In aspect of geomorphology, Karpathos and Saria - the small island north of Karpathos - are two of the most gifted Greek islands. Calcareous rock beds define its morphological character. Over the rock beds of limestones lie more recent beds of stones such as plaster and others.


Karpathos island, ancient ruins in Pigadia

The variety of scenery of the island is unique. The transition from one scenery to another and the changes of colours & shapes are frequent and unexpected and never make the visitor feel boredom or monotony. Karpathos has to offer a variety of Folklore and traditions for the traveler to experience.

Karpathos island, folklore and tradition 

The Karpathian Wedding:
Although its duration nowadays has been shortened (it lasts 2-3 days whereas in the past it lasted 8 days), the karpathian wedding is one of the most important karpathian customs: the engagement, the preparations, the decoration of the karpathian house (“siasmata”) for the wedding, the festivity before going to church “kathisto glenti”, the wedding ceremony in church, the second day of the wedding (“antigamos”) are some of the customs which comprise what is called the karpathian wedding.

Yilles: It takes place in Aperi on Orthodox Sunday and this custom is dedicated to the babies who were born the previous year as well as the newly married couples. On this day large bread decorated with walnuts and almonds is made and is called “yilla”.

Efta (in greek seven):
Seven days after a baby is born family and friends are gathered and girls sing particular traditional songs while swinging the baby. “Alevra” is made and offered to the guests- pastry made from flour, water, honey and butter.

On Lent Monday there is a big fest in Othos. The local people dress up and follow a local custom called “Piperi”. Plenty of food and wine is offered.

Karpathos island, a place to remember

Wine Festival in Lastos:
Near Volada up on the mountain Lastos people are gathered to taste “Adam’s wine” as they call the wine the local families produce and celebrate the harvest of the year. Inseparable part of the celebration is the music with lyra and laouto. “Ikanto” in Menetes, “Manaeli” and “Katsounas” in Mesochori and Aperi, “Ikonismata” in Olympos and so many others are special customs of Karpathos. After singing in the karpathian "glenti" and having expressed their feelings and thoughts and at the peak of cheerfulness the people feel the need to dance the traditional karpathian dances

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